The Council of Administration

The Council of Administration ensures the operative administration of the University between Senate meetings. 
At the meetings of the Council of Administration, the Rector can invite other persons from the academic and administrative management of the university.


The Council of Administration

Prof. dr. Anca Buzoianu - Rector
Prof. dr. Carmen Mihu - Vice-rector
Prof. dr. Mihaela Băciuţ - Vice-rector
Prof. dr. Daniel Mureşan - Vice-rector
Prof. dr. Radu Oprean - Vice-rector
Conf. dr. George Dindelegan - Vice-rector
Prof. dr. Nadim Al Hajjar - Director CSUD
Prof. dr. Şoimiţa Suciu - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Prof. dr. Gianina Crişan - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Conf. dr. Cristian Dinu - Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine
Liviu Lazea - Chief administrative officer
Stud. Răzvan Nastasă - students reprezentative

Invited members

Prof. dr. Valentin Muntean - President of the Senate
Loredana Szakacs - Chief of the Legal Service
Valeria Meseşan – Chief Secretary of the University