PhD Studies

PhD academic studies represent a form of academic education offered to graduates with license diploma who wish to obtain supplementary abilities in the field of scientific research.
Doctorship will facilitate the student's knowledge and application of research methodology and techniques, the familiarization with the exercise of communication or publishing at the highest level of research results, the assumption of the responsability to develop a research program, as well as the ability to approach the achievements of other researchers from a critical perspective.
In the spirit promoted within the Bologna process, doctoral studies represent the rational way to train a young student as scientific researcher, where progress is achieved through the effort of knowledge, personal involvement, and constructive dialogue.
"Iuliu Hatieganu" UMP is one of the universities where scientific research has a remarkable tradition and which is placed, as scientific potential, among the first medical universities from the country.
In recent years, our university has advanced among the first two positions from Romania in terms of the number of research grants awarded in the medical and pharmaceutical field. The dynamism of our young students and the value of the studies run in our university have authorized the development of doctoral studies in co-tutela with powerful European universities, as well as the publication of research results in well-thought-of international magazines.
By developing doctoral programs in partnership between universities, we are consolidating our relations with the European Higher Education Area and with the European Research Area, as our objective is to raise the quality of research products and the conjoint accreditation of titles.


Contact Information

Claudia Gheran – secretary of the Doctoral School

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