“Valeriu Bologa” Library

Founded in 1949, the “Valeriu Bologa” Library holds over 125.000 volumes – around 23.000 titles, an important rare book collection, housed by the History of Medicine division. The Library currently has around 7.000 active users and its catalogue is digitally browsable and publicly accessible. All library cataloguing, user registration and lending operations are performed using Liberty 5 integrated system. Library users may benefit from 405 reading room seats, among which 138 are equipped with computers connected to the University network.

The “Valeriu Bologa” Library Collection is divided in two locations:

* main division:

3rd floor on no 8, Victor Babeş str.: reference medical books, Romanian and foreign clinical medical books (the WA-WZ classification range)
• 112 reading room seats
• 10 computers available

4th floor on Victor Babeş 8: Romanian and foreign pre-clinical medical books (the QD-W classification range); textbooks for the English and French sections (the CSE and CSF classification)
• 41 reading room seats
• 28 computers available

* secondary division:

no 38-66, B. P. Haşdeu str.: textbooks, materials for lectures and practical courses, license theses, master’s and doctorate dissertations, Romanian and foreign printed magazines.
• 114 reading room seats
• 100 computers available


Library - main titles



Minodora Moldovan

Main Library
(V.Babes 8, floors 3 and 4)

Remus Dragoș
Luminița Vlaşin
Mihai Miron
Victoria Biriş
Mihaela Onița Biriş
Gabriela Pîrjol
Agatha Lapoşi

Publications Cataloging and Evidence
Monica Penea

Records and Acquisitions
Cristina Ungur
Ioana Olosutean
Mihaela Ţicolea

Hasdeu Building

Andreea Hășmășan
Adriana Mateiu
Ramona Nagy
Anca Marian


For suggestions or complaints, please send email to:


Address: 8 Victor Babes Street
400012 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Tel: +40-264-597256 - int. 2211 (secretariat), 2216 (floor 4), 2217 (floor 3), 2218 (Hasdeu) or 037483421(1)/6/7/8


Identificator ISIL‎: RO-CJ-0135