Governance - Faculty of Medicine

Council of the Faculty of Medicine

The Council is the superior forum that governs the faculty. It consists of 30 teachers and 10 students, including representatives of foreign students. The Department Directors and the representatives of resident physicians are permanently invited to join the Council meetings, even when they are not members of the Council.

Usually, the Council meets on a monthly basis. The meetings are chaired by the Dean of the Faculty. The Dean and the five vice-deans are responsible for the application of the Council's decisions.

The Dean is also responsible for the entire activity of the Faculty and for representing it inside and outside the University. The Dean coordinates the activity and supervises the application of the decisions of the Council.

The activity of the governance structures is supported by an administrative team of technicians, led by the chief secretary of the faculty.


The Board of the Council of the Faculty of Medicine




Professor Șoimița Mihaela Suciu, MD, PhD

Contact information
Telephone: 0264 - 597256 int. 2104
Meeting schedule: Wednesday  13-14

Vice-dean responsible with scientific research
Associated Professor Dana Crișan, MD, PhD
Meeting schedule: Wednesday 13-14

Vice-dean responsible with management, academic development and student affairs
Associated Professor Sorin Crișan, MD, PhD
Meeting schedule: Wednesday 14-15

Vice-dean responsible with education
Professor Simona Valeria Clichici , MD, PhD
Meeting schedule: Monday 14-15

Vice-dean responsible with evaluation and quality assurance
Associated Professor Olga Orăsan, MD, PhD
Meeting schedule: Friday 12-13

Vice-dean responsible with international relation and foreign students
Associated Professor Anca Simona Bojan, MD, PhD
Meeting schedule: Tuesday 15-16