Research Center for Functional Genomic, Biomedicine and Translational Medicine

Welcome to the Research Center for Functional Genomic, Biomedicine and Translational Medicine (Genomic Center)

Established in 2010, with a new space of 1400 square meters, finalized in 2014, the concept of the state-of-art research center was to put together research laboratories and core facilities able to develop projects related to human diseases, at molecular and cellular level. All together: talented researchers, postdocs, Ph.D. students, undergraduate young minds, high throughput technologies and research ideas make the Genomic Center a new facility for research and training in the Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy.
We have the chance to live in the exciting moment of the history when genomic research is ready to bring new light in biology, biochemistry and medicine. A new era of genomic understanding of diseases and of our patients will help us to better care for their lives.

Genomic Center has ten laboratories and storage facilities for biobanking :

1.    Nucleic acids extraction – quality and quantity control

2.    Microarray lab

3.    Next generation sequencing

4.    Proteomics and mass spectrometry

5.    RT-PCR

6.    Cell culture and cell sorting

7.    Flowcytometry

8.    Recombinant DNA

9.    Bioinformatics

10.  Pathology and microscopy

11.   Storage facilities for frozen biological samples. 


Research Services in the Research Center for Functional Genomics, Biomedicine and Translational Medicine, "Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania