Chimie farmaceutică

Chimie farmaceutică


Head of Chair: Prof. Dr. Ovidiu Oniga
Address: Strada Ion Creangă nr. 12/ Victor Babes nr. 41, etaj 1
Phone: : 0264450529
Fax: 0264450529


General presentation

Pharmaceutical chemistry is a discipline that teaches antiinfectious agents (antiseptic and desinfectant, antibacterial chemiotherapics, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitary), antitumoral agents (cytotoxic, RTK inhibitors, drugs used in hormon dependent cancers, substances which modify the imune response). Drugs are studied based on their chemical structures and names, obtention possibilities, physico-chemical properties, their esential biological activities, structure-activity relationships, pharmaceutical forms, inside every therapeutic class. The knowledge of the strategies applied in the discovery of new bioactive molecules (finding new leader molecules, its chemical optimization, pharmacomodulation methods applied to improve the interaction with specific targets, optimization of the pharmacocynetic and biopharmaceutic properties by chemical methods, etc.) represents another objectiv of pharmaceutical chemistry.
The laboratory work consist on the chemical identification of the drugs studied during the class, also on the purity control using chemical, spectroscopic and chromatografic methods.
Pharmaceutical chemistry teaches also pharmacovigilence.
The didactic activity takes place during license (classes adressed to the third year students belonging to the romanian and french lines), after graduation (adressed to pharmacists and doctors) and during residency. The residency internships are organized for Clinical Pharmacy specialty. The research activity inside the discipline consists of chemical synthesis, structural analysis, investigation of the antimicrobial, antitumoral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activities of some azolic compounds (thiazoles and bisthiazoles, thiazolin-ones, thiazolidin-diones, oxazoles, oxadiazolines, thiadiazoles), of some new azethidin-ones or compounds bearing chromone scaffold. The research activity is carried out by the didactic staff and also by students and PhD students. The research results are published in ISI national and international journals or presented at scientific manifestations.

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