Medicală III

Medicală III

Head of Chair: Conf. Dr. Marcel Tanţău
Address: Str. Croitorilor, Nr. 19-21
Phone: Centrala 0264439696; Cabinet Conf. Dr. M Tanţău 0264433427
Fax: 0264431758



General presentation

The 3rd Medical Clinic was founded in 1949, under the leadership of Associate Professor Francisc Köppich, MD. In 1953, Prof. Iuliu Hațieganu, MD, assumed the leadership of the clinic, which he held until 1959. Professor Iuliu Hatieganu was also the founder of the Internal Medicine training school.
From 1959 and until 1976, for 10 years, the clinic was managed by Prof. Octavian Fodor, MD, PhD, who developed and reorganized it according to mondern principles both as a healthcare facility and as a base for research. The following leaders were Prof. Dumitru Dumitrascu, MD, PhD (1976 - 1994), Prof. Oliviu Pascu, MD, PhD (1994 - 2004), Prof. Mircea Grigorescu, MD, PhD (2004 - 2009), Prof. Acalovschi Monica, MD, PhD (2009-2011) and Prof. Vasile Andreica, MD, PhD (2011-2012). Since 2012, the head of the 3rd Medical Clinic is Associate Professor Marcel Tanțău, MD, PhD.

The 3rd Medical Clinic is the site of clinical and academic activity carried on within the framework of the "Prof. Dr. O. Fodor" Regional Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. The clinic includes four Gastroenterology departments, one Internal Medicine department and several high-quality laboratories. The academic and clinical staff have a particular interest in interventional medicine – such as procedures of endoscopy (therapy of upper digestive hemorrhages, endoscopic polypectomies, laser palliative treatment, extractions of choledocal gallstones, endoscopic stenting), ultrasonography (fine-needle biopsies, percutaneous ethanol injections of liver lesions, drainage of fluid collections), echoendoscopy and, last but not least, interventional hepatology, with several transjugular portosystemic shunts already performed.

The 3rd Medical Clinic is also a superior teaching facility in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, both during the University years (training students in the 4th year of General Medicine – both in Romanian and English, and the 3rd year students of the Medical Assistant Faculty, AML), and for postuniversity studies (residentship programmes, continuous medical training courses, PhD training).

Alphabetical list of staff: