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Head of discipline: Prof. Dr. Gabriela Zaharie

The didactic activity consists in preparing the students of the 6th year of Medicine and of the students of the Faculty of Nurses and Midwives, through clinical internships, practical demonstrations and courses.

The discipline also offers courses and internships in English and French.

The discipline of Neonatology together with that of Obstetrics and Gynecology annually supports the optional course for the line of English students.

Within the discipline, the residents of Neonatology, Pediatrics, Emergency, Neurology, Allergology are trained through courses and internships.

The didactic activity takes place within the Emergency County Clinical Hospital, in two locations Neonatology Section I and Neonatology Section II (Dominic Stanca Clinic)

We are a Regional Training Center for maternity medical staff in the counties of Cluj, Maramureș, Bistrița and Sălaj. We organize national scientific events with international participation and international educational seminars IPOKRaTES.

The discipline offers the possibility to deepen professional knowledge by participating in the master's program: Pursuing the Newborn at Risk.

Research activity: At the level of the Discipline, national and international research projects are carried out, as well as international clinical trials.

Professional activity: The members of the discipline offer high-performance medical services, having a modern infrastructure in the Neonatology I section - being a Level III Maternity Hospital within the Cluj County Emergency Clinical Hospital.



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