Limbi moderne

Limbi moderne

Department of Modern Languages Applied to Medicine

Head of Chair: Conf. Dr. Oana Mureșan
Address:Str. Pasteur, Nr. 6



General presentation

The Department of Modern Languages Applied to Medicine offers English, French and German practical courses to 1st and 2nd year Romanian students, as well as Romanian as a foreign language to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year international students attending the French and English study programs. These courses are included in the curricula of all the specializations within the three faculties of our university.
The aim of teaching modern languages within our department is the acquisition of language knowledge as well as the development of written and oral communication skills for general and medical purposes. Our teaching materials focus on the four language skills while employing communicative, interactive and multimedia teaching methods adapted to the students’ needs. The activities and projects carried out in class simulate real-life situations that our students will face in their future career, such as reading or writing various scientific texts, listening to a lecture, designing a scientific poster or delivering an oral presentation. Moreover, students can take part in tandem language learning, language student clubs and immersion language learning in order to facilitate their social and academic integration.
Our department also offers language testing and assessment services to students as well as teaching and medical staff and awards language proficiency certificates following a general or medical language examination.
The research activities and scientific projects the department members are involved in reflect our areas of interest as well as a continuing preoccupation towards enhancing the quality of the teaching-learning process.

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