Anatomie patologică

Anatomie patologică


Adress: Str. Clinicilor nr.3-5, 400006 Cluj-Napoca
Telephone: 0264-591076, 0264-595919
Fax: 0264-591076

Head of discipline: Prof. dr. Doiniţa Crişan


The discipline of Pathological Anatomy is part of the Department of Morphological Sciences. It is a fundamental discipline, addressed to the students of the Faculty of Medicine (general medicine, midwives, medical assistance, clinical laboratory) and of the Faculty of Dentistry. Pathological anatomy is a medical specialty in which the diagnosis is developed based on macroscopic and microscopic examination of the lesions. Students are introduced to notions of general pathology (basic pathological processes: circulatory changes, metabolic disorders, inflammation, tumors) and special (pathology of organ systems), in correlation with information provided by other preclinical or clinical disciplines. The final objective of the discipline is the knowledge, by the students, of the morphological substratum of the diseases.
The didactic activity takes place in the form of courses and sessions of practical works of macroscopy and microscopy. The assessment, at the end of the semester, includes a theoretical exam, written and a practical exam, oral.
Our discipline is also addressed to resident doctors - pathological anatomy, dermatology, oncology, forensic medicine, urology.
Material base:

• Own amphitheater, with 100 seats, with video equipment for presenting the courses
• Practical work rooms, equipped with video equipment:
• Two macroscopy rooms, with an impressive collection of macroscopic preparations, which illustrate, through pieces preserved in formalin, the pathology addressed in the course
• A microscope room, with 60 seats, with 30 optical microscopes, where students examine histopathological preparations
• Modern autopsy room, where students attend demonstrative autopsies, and pathological anatomy residents perform autopsies as part of the training program
• Two histopathology laboratories equipped with modern equipment
• Library with 30 places.
• Digital support for students and residents.



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