Anatomie și embriologie

Anatomie și embriologie

Adresa: Str. Clinicilor, Nr. 3-5
Telefon: 0264431880
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Şef de disciplină: Conf Dr. Iulian Opincariu

The Discipline of Anatomy and Embryology is part of Department no. 1 of Morphological Sciences of “Iuliu Haţieganu” UMPh.
A large polymorphic but undoubtedly valuable team, involved in the instruction-education process at the Faculties of Medicine and Dental Medicine (including for the English and French sections), as well as for General Medical Assistance and Generally Regulated Specializations.
In the field of teaching, we use classical irreplaceable methods such as dissection, along with modern techniques and technologies, focused on clinically oriented anatomy.
We are concerned with providing teaching equipment, as well as written courses, particularly for the English and French sections.
Participating in the curricular activity, our students are also guided towards scientific research within the Scientific Circle of the Department of Morphological Sciences.
We offer optional courses for students, as well as postgraduate courses focused on subjects of clinical anatomy, sectional anatomy, embryology.
We participate every year in the preparation of the entrance examination both by giving courses and by editing biology tests.
We are involved in the activity of the Romanian Society of Anatomists, the German Society of Anatomy, the European Society of Clinical Anatomy.
The members of our discipline are members of the Editorial Board of national journals CNCSIS-B plus, as well as of an international journal.
In parallel to the teaching activity and the work for the benefit of anatomy, the members of the Discipline of Anatomy and Embryology carry out an integrated professional activity, in their own medical specialty, so that we cover almost the full clinical, surgical and imaging spectrum of the medical profession.

Lectures/ practicals of Anatomy – Embryology for all Medical Faculties



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