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Head of the Discipline: Prof. Dr. Simona Valeria Clichici


Short description of the discipline:
Physiology is the fundamental science that takes an integrative approach to the study of the mechanisms involved in maintaining the homeostasis of the internal environment that make possible the functioning of the human body as a unit. The notions of physiology offer the possibility to know the functional properties of the cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, nervous, digestive, neuromuscular systems, of the way they interact in order to achieve the unity of the organism.
The members of the discipline are involved in lectures and practical works for the first- and second-year students of General Medicine, Dentistry and BFK and Nurses, as well as in fundamental research.

Scientific Circle of Experimental Physiology
Circle coordinator: Prof. Dr. Gabriela Adriana Filip
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Scientific circle themes
Counting blood figurative elements. Erlich ascites - transplant, cell count, cell viability.
Photodynamic therapy - experimental studies.
Surgical ovariectomy
Behavioral tests used in the study of cognitive functions.
Toxic liver diseases - experimental study models.
Cholestatic liver diseases - bile duct ligation.
Experimental models of peripheral and cerebral ischemia.
Stem cells in regenerative medicine.
Stereotaxy - the study method in neurophysiology.
Studies on isolated organ bath chamber

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