Biofizică medicală

Biofizică medicală

Head of Chair: Prof. Dr. Daniela Eniu
Address:Str. Pasteur, Nr. 6
Phone: 0264595758, 0264597256 int. 2408
Fax: 0264595758





General presentation


Our discipline operates within the Faculty of Medicine, with first year students during a semester. More specifically, the work means two hours per week Biophysics course and a session of two hours of practical work. The purpose of this course is to understand the physical basis of biological phenomena in living systems, understanding the principles, methods and equipment used in research and clinical practice, acquiring skills and minimum competencies, also building the capacity to structure a study based on collected data as well as processing and analyzing experimental data. In the scientific circle that we conduct monthly with our students, their results even conclude with the preparation of a scientific report.

After completing the course, at the end of the semester we organize a visit to a hospital to strengthen the acquired knowledge, where the students have the opportunity to actually see how physical principles apply into medicine.

In addition to teaching, our discipline members have a rich scientific activity that consists of research projects and grants, publications (indexed articles), and collaborations with other universities, such as Babeș-Bolyai University (Department of Materials Physics and Advanced Technologies, Department of Condensed State Physics, Department of Biomedical Physics, Environmental Biomedical Physics Center, National Center for Magnetic Resonance), Cluj-Napoca Oncologic Institute, Cluj-Napoca Veterinary Medicine University, Oradea University and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.


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