Accounting-Financial Office

Accounting-Financial Office

The economic department represents a key element in the knowing, administration, and control of the patrimony and the acquired results.
It is responsible for working out the balance sheet, the budget execution account, the the check-out balance, account statements.

Ec. Gherasim Persida

Address: Victor Babes Street, No. 8, 400012 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Phone: 0264-597256 int. 2151
Fax: 0374-834129


Accounting Office

Ec. Mihaela Bujor
Phone: 0264-597.256 int 2126; 0374-834.129

Financial Office

Ec. Florina Opris
Phone / Fax: +40-264-597256 int 2152

Grants Accounting and Financial Office

Ec.Cristina Ardelean
Phone: 0264-406842


Tax Office

Ec.Aurica Andreca 
Tel: 0264-597256 int 2159; 0374-834159