The Vice-Rector's Office for Didactic Activities

The Vice-Rector's Office for Didactic Activities coordinates with the Dean offices to the elaboration of the curriculum specific to the various specializations from the University, pursuant to the educational offer. It also coordinates University admissions, the evolution of license examination and Master studies. The administration of the Department for Foreign Students and the department for the pedagogical training of the teaching staff, are of great importance, as they ensure the good evolution of the competitions addressed to those who wish to come into didactic positions.

Contact Information

Address: Cluj-Napoca 400012, Victor Babeş Street no. 8, V-th floor
Telephone: + 40 264 597256 int. 2122 , 0374834122, 0364-886122
Professor Ioan Coman, MD, PhD,
Audience: Tuesday 12-13


Annamaria Hempel,

Adriana Muntean