The Scientific Vice-Rector's Office

The vice-Rector's office is responsible for all organizational aspects regarding research and scientific activities run within the university or in collaboration with other similar institutions, as well as a few key-structures connected with these activities ("Valeriu Bologa" University Library, "Iuliu Hatieganu" Medical University Publishing House, "Medicine and Pharmacy Reports" Journal).




Professor Mihaela Felicia Băciuţ MD, PhD



Contact Information

Address: Cluj-Napoca 400012, Victor Babeş Street no. 8, V-th floor
Tel: 0264-406839, 0264-597256 int. 2123, int. 2113, 0374834123, 0364-886123


Secretary at Doctoral Studies
Claudia-Elena Gheran

Georgeta Pustiu


Scientific Activity Monitoring Department
Director: Prof. Dr. Daniela-Saveta Popa

It carries out its activity within the Scientific Vice-Rector’s Office and has the role of faciliting the evaluation process of the research activity from the University.