The Senate

The Senate is the superior management forum of the entire academic community, in all fields of activity.
The Senate consists of teaching staff and students. All members of the Senate are chosen by secret vote by and among the members of the faculties' Councils, according to the election regulations drafted and approved by the Senate, separately for the teaching staff and the students. All chosen members of the Senate (teaching staff and students) share equal rights and obligations.

The Senate

Prof. Dr. Valentin Muntean - President

Phone: +40 264 597256 int. 2120; 0264-406841
Fax. 0264-594289


No Position Name and Surname
1 Member Prof. dr. Al Hajjar Nadim  
2 Member Prof. dr. Patriciu Achimaş Cadariu
3 Member Conf. dr. Romeo Chira
4 Member Conf. dr. Răzvan Ciortea
5 Member Prof. dr. Simona Clichici
6 Member Conf. dr. Doinița Crișan
7 Member Conf. dr. George Dindelegan
8 Member Prof. dr. Dan Dumitraşcu
9 Member Prof. dr. Ioan Ştefan Florian
10 Member Prof. dr. Daniela Fodor
11 Member Conf. dr. Adela Golea
12 Member Prof. dr. Alexandru Irimie
13 Member Prof. dr. Sorin Man 
14 Member Prof. dr. Carmen Mihaela Mihu  
15 President Prof. dr. Valentin Muntean
16 Member Prof. dr. Daniel Mureşan 
17 Member Prof. dr. Dana Pop
18 Member Prof. dr. Cosmin Puia   
19 Member Prof. dr. Simona Rednic
20 Member Prof. dr. Andrada Seicean
21 Member Prof. dr. Şoimiţa Suciu   
22 Member Prof. dr. Marcel Tanţău
23 Member Prof. dr. Gabriela Zaharie
24 Member Prof. dr. Gianina Crişan
25 Member Prof. dr. Cristina Iuga
26 Member Prof. dr. Felicia Loghin
27 Member Prof. dr. Laurian Vlase
28 Member Prof. dr. Mihaela Băciuţ
29 Member Conf. dr.  Smaranda Buduru
30 Member Conf. dr. Simion Bran
31 Member Conf. dr. Alexandru Horaţiu Rotar


Invited guests:


Nr Funcția Nume
1 Rector Prof. dr. Anca Dana Buzoianu
2 Vicerector Prof. dr. Radu Nicolaie Oprean
3 Dean Conf. dr. Dinu Cristian
Ec. dr. Valentin Mudura
5 Chief secretary Valeria Meseșan
6 Chief legal services Loredana Szakacs





No Position Name and Surname
1 Member Stud. Iulia Mălina Rebreanu – OSM
2 Member Stud. Horea Gabriel Urs – OSM
3 Member Stud. Alexandru Crăciun Fadei – OSM
4 Member Stud. Gheorghe Mircea Iovan – OSM
5 Member Stud. Rareș Vrîncianu – OSM
6 Member Stud. Damiana Maria Vulturar – OSM
7 Member Stud. Diana Antonia Safta – OSF
8 Member Stud. Bianca Elena Pînzariu – OSF
9 Member Stud. Cristina Elena Ioneac – OSS
10 Member Stud. Patricia Oana Marcu – OSS
11 Member Stud. Adriana Alupei – EMSA
12 Member Stud. Elisa Rebecca Agnello – CMC